Speed guarantee

We are committed to providing you with a high performance hosting service

We are certain about our systems, but we want you to rest assured that you won't have to worry if it ever doesn't work out!

How does it work?

Initial test

We test the performance of your website at your current provider


We migrate your website to Libnamic Hosting for free

Second test

We test your website again and find out the speed improvement


Only after we check that your website is faster

What happens if speed doesn't improve?

If the generation time for your homepage is higher than at your current hosting provider, we won't complete the migration or domain transfer. Your website will remain with your provider and we won't charge you for the migration.

Full conditions and limitations

  • For the guarantee to apply, customers must inform Libnamic truthfully about the hosting provider that services the website before the migration.

  • The performance of the websites will be measured using an external, independent third-party tool such as GTmetrix. This tool simulates the load process of a webpage using a virtual browser and provides us information about the load process and timings.

  • The parameter taken into account for the guarantee is the page generation time, also known as backend time. We choose this indicator because it does not depend on the location of the client and distance to the servers, the connection speed or the quantity and size of the resources linked to the page. However. for a given website and page, this variable depends only on the server performance. The guarantee does not apply to any other parameters such as total load time or performance scores, although we usually improve those too.

  • Unless otherwise negotiated, the tests will be performed on the homepage or another page selected by Libnamic due to its long load times. Additionally, in order to obtain an accurate measurement, the tests will be performed without the website using any page or database cache techniques. Libnamic reserves the right to repeat the tests when there is the suspicion of usage of cache, such as finding different measures that are far apart in an unnatural way. For example, if a page takes one second to be generated sometimes and at other times the time seems like that of a cached version (less than a 10% of the original time).

  • Unless the guarantee takes action, the customer is obligated to pay for the hosting services, starting from the day when the migration was performed. The client commits to a contract term when purchasing the service, and may not decide otherwise after the migration is done.

  • Libnamic may decide not to perform a migration and test a second time after the guarantee has been applied in the past for that website.

  • Libnamic may decide not to apply the guarantee if the website does not work with one of the following apps: Wordpress, Omeka Classic, Omeka S, Odoo.

  • Not valid for static sites or pages.

  • In no case does the guarantee mean that a client may obtain free hosting services. If a website is not faster at Libnamic Hosting, it will just stay in the same provider and not be hosted with us for free or for a discounted price unless otherwise agreed between both parties.