A new concept

Speed guarantee. The latest cluster technology. Powerful tools. No control panels from another century. Always with you. 

We reinvented hosting so you can benefit from the latest enterprise technology while you worry only about your business and your clients

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Let's test your website for free!

We'll check your website's load time using the third-party tool GTmetrix and estimate how much it could improve by just migrating to Libnamic Hosting.

Websites migrated to Libnamic Hosting have improved their response time by 73.25% on average this year

Let's see about yours!

Why are we obsessed with speed?

A slow website makes you lose money.

As simple as that! You might be using a lot of resources in creating an amazing website, SEO and marketing consulting and paid ads, but still not achieve the desired results due to poor site performance.

For SEO, time is money

Search engines penalize slow websites. Positioning your company or your clients' businesses is hard enough. Differentiate from your competitors by having fast websites!

Bounce rate and mobile users

Users are becoming increasingly demanding with performance. No matter how amazing your website is, if your server takes too long to respond, many visitors will leave your site even before it has a chance! This effect is even worse with mobile visitors, even with 5G.

Conversions and user experience

A slow website will drive visitors away, close fewer sales and waste your ad money and content generation efforts. A bad performance will also make a bad impression to your clients.

It'll be hard for you to find a faster hosting!

We spent a year testing many popular hostings and they don't stand a chance.

How do we do it?

Guaranteed speed improvement

Before we complete the migration, we compare the page generation time of your website in your current shared hosting and our system by using a third-party neutral tool.

We are so confident about our system that, if we don't improve the response time, we won't move on with the migration and won't even charge you for the services*.

*Conditions apply

Okay, speed is great, but

How is this "a new concept"?

We created our hosting using Kubernetes, a technology that is usually restricted to big or tech companies that can afford it.

Our mission is to allow anyone to enjoy its advantages for an affordable price. Years of our own research and development on Kubernetes enable us to offer our clients an easy and high-level service.

We could bore you   with the details  for hours, because we love what we do.
Fortunately, we came up with a short list of benefits that you care about, instead.

A hosting from this century

It's tragic that we've gotten used to struggling with antique control panels to get anything done. The good news? It doesn't have to be like that!

One ring to rule them all: Libnamic Hosting Dashboard

You'll feel more powerful than Sauron (and hopefully less evil) when you manage all your websites and your clients' from a single place. You can do things like updating the plugins for all your Wordpress sites at once. How cool is that?

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Surely, you are busy enough already and you want to spend your time working or taking care of your business, not fixing HTTPS certificate problems, researching Wordpress errors or calling a hotline because your website is down. Luckily for you, we are constantly improving our hosting so that...

...it just works.

We have used our experience over the years to detect and mitigate the typical problems that occur with Wordpress and other apps in conventional hostings. Some frequent issues won't even happen to you. Better so, right? And if something happens, we have the experience and tools to fix it right away.

Your peace of mind is priceless. We take good care of your website, even while you sleep!

Let us do the tech heavy lifting

  • We migrate your website to Libnamic Hosting for free

  • Constant monitoring. We'll fix any problems before you even realize!

  • We keep your data secure with backups every three hours. Restore at no cost up to 60 days later.

  • Flexible and scalable: change the assigned resources anytime to adapt your hosting to your needs and not the other way around.

  • Libnamic will be there as your technological partner. We'll be available not just for any problems with your website and hosting, but also for any tech needs and concerns.

See all the features 

It's time to move on from overcrowded shared hostings that have remained the same for decades and have dedicated resources for your project.

You deserve your own spot

After suffering with some popular hosting companies in Spain, we decided to move our websites and our customers' to cloud servers manually managed by us. When we discovered the difference in performance (and cost), we felt deceived and decided that we had to do something about it. At the same time, Kubernetes was becoming more mature and our team was mastering this technology.

We knew that was the way.

At last, a high-tech service actually centered around the users, not the licensed control panels.

Want to know more about our history? 

Some of the clients that trust us with some of their sites and web services

Our main plan costs only $13/mo. plus taxes, billed annually.
Too good to be true?

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